Choosing a Shower Head

Shower Heads for Your Home Decor

Bathroom shower heads are available in various designs, shapes, colors and add-ons. You should choose one that suits your budget and preference. Some simple ones cost very less while exuberant ones can be expensive.

The type of shower head used in the bathroom can make a big difference to the overall look. People thinking about various ideas for home d├ęcor prefer each of their rooms to have the right look and feel. When it comes to the bathroom too, people have their own preferences. Some like the traditional stuff used by their parents. Others would like to add more style, design and color to their shower heads.

I love this wooden look that I found on Interior Designing Blog.


The super modern look isnt normally my style, but I have never seen anything so awesome in a shower before!


Choosing shower heads

There are primarily two types. The most preferred shower head is one that can be held in your hand during bathing. The advantage of hand held showers is that you could focus on any part of your body by directing the water. This could actually save you a lot of water. The next type is the fixed shower. It is generally placed over-head and some innovative designs involve having these showers fixed sideways too. It gives an overall pleasant bathing experience. However more water is used up by these.


Initially the shower heads were available only as rounded objects. Nowadays they are available in various shapes that are basic and complex. The shapes also determine the amount of water that is released. There are some amazing innovations too. For instance LED lighting is used in showers to give a multi-colored effect to the water. Add some music to the set up and you could disco while you bath! Most of the basic shower head items are easy to buy. If you prefer the elaborate ones, then it could cost you more. There are many brands available in the market. You need to shop around to find the shower heads that suit your style and budget. It is difficult to pick the best brand as most of the manufacturers aim at delivering quality products. It is a highly competitive market and no dealer would risk his/her brand value.


The heads for these also come in different shapes. The flat ones are the latest trend at they will make the water fall on you as if you are out in the rain. The force of water can be adjusted. They are usually placed or attached towards the ceiling to create the natural effect. There are plenty of dual headed showers too. Now you can shower with your partner at the same time. The bathroom should be spacious enough to accommodate two individuals for this option.



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