Decorative Elements: Vases

Each home is beautified by various home décor accents and decorative elements. There are plenty of choices at your disposal. Vases, rare flowers, exotic fruits, designer trays, plates, jars, candlesticks and even mirrors can be used as decorative elements.

Home accents and decorative elements form vital parts of home décor. The furnishings in your home should complement the home décor to obtain that perfect look. Home décor present in your home speaks volumes of your social status. Hence it is important you invest in good quality ones.

 There are numerous decorative elements for your home. Different types of vases, candles, bookends, trays, figurines, etc can be used to decorate. Some people love to follow a certain theme for decorating while others simply go by personal preference. Whatever be the requirement, you are options are varied. Oil paintings, designer lamps, prints and specific boxes can be made to look appropriate in any room of your home.

Vases are multi-functional. They hold flowers (real or synthetic), nature based arrangements or simply designer ones that hold nothing. Each of these forms an excellent decorative element in your home. Flowers are used for decorating homes since ages. Nowadays with the wide range of synthetic flowers and plants, you can create a beautiful look that is both natural and artificial. Real flowers spread their fragrance to the entire room. Vases made of glass also are present. Usually these are filled with multi-colored marbles, seashells, spices, pebbles or even rearing small fish (large-sized vases). They also offer a very sleek look to your home.



The Bark Vase shown above is from Project Decor. I love how it brings a hint of nature into a home! What an interesting conversation piece.


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