Decorating Tips

Decorative trays are a good choice for adding an instant splash of beauty to your home.
They are available in glass, metal, ceramic and even the fragrant sandalwood. You can pick up trays almost anywhere, from thrift stores to department stores. I have also seen great selections and prices at stores like Ross. There are many tutorials that show how to make your own tray from assorted objects around your home from picture frames to doors – like this beautiful piece made out of on old cupboard door from Crafty Nest. This is a perfect tray for jewelry on your dresser or even serving tea!


Placed at various spots, these trays will look great in any room of your home. Most people use them to serve chocolates, beverages, fruits and meat with cheese.

Designer plates and glasses are also used effectively as home décor options. They are best displayed in side racks or even on dining tables. Most of them showcase them in curio cabinets as well. Different kinds of designer jugs are also available. Many people use mirrors as decorative elements.

Though they are functional necessities in the bedroom and bathroom, they can also be used in other rooms as decorative pieces. Well positioned mirrors can easily elevate the look of the room. Look how this giant mirror can make the entire room seem so much larger from Old Home Makeover. What a great piece for a smaller room to fool the eye!



Many interior designers swear by these as excellent decorative ideas. Three or four mirrors placed strategically will multiply the light-intensity of a single lamp offering a scintillating feel to the room. Candlesticks are also used commonly to decorate homes.

You are sure to gain admirers by using these home décor ideas.

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