A Perfect Yard?




If a green thumb is for people who are great at gardening, then my thumb must be well, whatever color is the opposite of green.

I have been so focused on fixing up the inside of my house, that I truly forgot the outside! Until yesterday, when I pulled up into the drive way after work and realized that nobody (ME!) has bothered to water any of it. I guess I thought plants just magically grew themselves.

So I am now determined to have the kind of yard my neighbors will drive by and say WOW.

On that note, I am looking for some magic plants. Ones that can survive this lack of water that I seem to give them. I think I just might have plans to turn my rock in to gravel like you see in all those old folk trailer parks. It suits my gardening abilities perfectly!

I absolutely love the idea of a pond in my front yard, like the one above from Seeklite.com. But I worry that this sort of thing might be a lot of maintenance for one person to handle. Not to mention safety issues with the neighborhood children. But a pond would be a perfect idea for in the back yard.


I am thinking instead of making a succulent dish. Or put in pavers with succulents in between.  I believe this would require some time up front, then very little maintenance after that. I found this absolutely beautiful succulent idea above from an amazing blog called Growing With Plants. I am not sure if my lack of green thumb can keep up with this guy, but check out his blog because he appears to make miracles come true with all sorts of Stunning plants and flowers.

Do any of you have ideas for low-maintenance yards? I mean Very Low Maintenance ;) I would love to hear your ideas!

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