Funny Doormats

What is better than going to a home with a funny doormat?

If you enter a home laughing, the laughter is sure to continue, right? Doormats are a great conversation starter so why would you settle for something boring? Unless maybe you are boring? Kidding, of course.

This made me laugh really hard when I saw it. It reminded me of the dogs my family had when we were growing up. They would never have bitten someone who came to the door, but their barking in excitement was enough to scare even the strongest mailman or salesperson away! They would just bark and bark while practically chasing their own tails if the doorbell rang.


This is one of those funny doormats that almost seem personal to the guests. It makes me want to keep a stash of specific door mats in the coat closet and pull them out when certain people are coming over… maybe seeing this will finally make them take a hint!

For guests who need some direction when it comes to wiping their feet, this is the perfect instruction manual. I should really put this one out on my porch for a few friends who just never learned this basic technique and tend to track grass and dirt through my home!



What can I say about this one except HAHA, I need this. Actually, I have a friend who is a cop who stops by quite frequently and I would just love to see his face when finding this on my door step.

Do you have a funny doormat that welcomes or un-welcomes guests in to your home? Do you get lots of comments about it?

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