Purple Bathrooms.

I love purple.

To me, it feels peaceful, natural, serene…all of those positive feelings. I also love taking baths. So, it just seems like a smart decision to update the bathroom to include purple! What a relaxing bath time that would be!

There are so many ways that purple can be incorporated into a bathroom, depending on the amount of effort you want to make, or the budget you have to work with. Purple can be added simply with hand towels, soap dishes, rugs or shower curtains. It can also be added with a quick coat of paint – purple wainscoting looks amazing, as does purple walls or wallpaper. Choose just one wall if you don’t think your bathroom can “handle” too much of the color. Adding just a splash of color with flowers, bars of soap, etc is also a great way to cheaply update a small bathroom space. If you want to go all out, do a search for purple sinks, mirrors or even tubs like the amazing clawfoots shown below!


Source: padstyle.com




I especially love purple mixed with gray and dark wood as shown above. What a great look!


Do you like clawfoot tubs? Just a thought, because I was not quite sure of my feelings for this style until seeing them in purple. I LOVE the look! Stay tuned for a future post on these awesome clawfoot tubs!

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