Carved Pumpkins for Decor

A few years back, a friend of mine got married in the fall. Instead of the traditional flower centerpieces, she opted for carved pumpkins.

The day before the wedding, close friends and family got together to gut and carve what felt like a million pumpkins. It was a last minute things to do, and while they came out beautifully, it was quite stressful for the day before as so many other things needed to get done!

If only we knew…


If you visit Etsy shop Purple Ink Graphics, you can purchased carved FAKE pumpkins – a very realistic look that will last you for many years without all the seed gutting, bugs and mold associated with fresh pumpkins!

This is a fabulous idea for weddings, front porches, newly weds celebrating their first fall season or first home…I just love this!

Check out the shop here!

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