More Ottomans!

If you read my post on ottomans yesterday, you might wonder why I am posting more. Well, I just loved that piece from grandinroad, but I kept searching and searching to see if there were any others. I am never quite satisfied until I search every store and every website before making a purchase. I am cheap, yes, but also really want the most bang for my buck.



This Safavieh Amelia Tufted Ottoman is sold at a large selection of retailers, though at the time of this post it appears had the best bargain. There are several colors to choose from. I prefer this one or the tan. The top opens for storage, which is always a plus… I am always in need of a place to stash the good candy!



I am also loving this Simpli Home Cosmopolitan Storage Ottoman Bench. Also sold at multiple retailers, I found it at Home Depot for about $200. This seems like a great ottoman to place near the entry way – shoes could be stored on the shelf underneath. The seat opens with hinges on the back for extra storage (purse and keys or my hoarders collection of every color of summer flip flops!)


Another bench style that I would just die to have is this angelo:Home Kent Vintage in Cocoa Brown Floral. This beautiful piece can be found at Phillips Furniture. It also have a hinge opening. What a great fabric this is! And the feet are so simple and classic. I think this would go perfectly with just about any room and will stay in style for years to come.

Home Décor with the Ottoman




Ottomans are a type of furniture that is used to adorn living spaces of homes. It is a type of footstool that has tremendous decorative as well as functional features. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes ranging from simple footstools to benches that have cushioned tops. They are usually used to decorate near the sofa and can be customized with an array of fabrics, which include leather.

One of the most common ottomans that can be used to decorate your home is the round ottoman. This design offers a lighter design aesthetic than its other popular counterpart, which is the cubed version. The round ottoman works well with almost any living space. It is quite convenient to place in a small area of a room in order to create a more intimate ambience. What you can essentially do is to combine the round ottoman with a sofa in order to create a sort of contemporary look to the space. Simply adding a round ottoman to the interior décor can soften rooms that have square corners. Most of the available round ottomans are about twenty to twenty three inches in width and usually have accompanying wheels that make them very portable regardless of where you want to use them.

And they have functional storage features!

For people who are looking for storage features in terms of ottoman design, the cubed variant is an excellent choice. They make perfect partners for sophisticated upholstered furniture. They are quite good alternatives to say a coffee table since all you have to do is place a couple of these square ottomans together and voila you can already use it as one. Most square ottomans offer a storage feature where you can conveniently place any clutter from your living space away from the prying eyes of guests. They are perfect for storing the too often hard to find TV remote control or your latest fashion magazines. The fact that they come in a variety of sizes creates a lot of potential for it to be used as functional storage furniture.

For people that have bigger spaces to fill, it is recommended that they get a rectangular ottoman that can be conveniently placed on the side of the wall in order for it to automatically become a bench. The fact that there is storage space underneath it makes it the better choice for your home. These are just some of the uses of ottoman furniture in home décor.

I particularly Love the ottoman above by grandinroad. It comes in multiple colors to go with any house! Visit their site by following this link.

A Perfect Yard?




If a green thumb is for people who are great at gardening, then my thumb must be well, whatever color is the opposite of green.

I have been so focused on fixing up the inside of my house, that I truly forgot the outside! Until yesterday, when I pulled up into the drive way after work and realized that nobody (ME!) has bothered to water any of it. I guess I thought plants just magically grew themselves.

So I am now determined to have the kind of yard my neighbors will drive by and say WOW.

On that note, I am looking for some magic plants. Ones that can survive this lack of water that I seem to give them. I think I just might have plans to turn my rock in to gravel like you see in all those old folk trailer parks. It suits my gardening abilities perfectly!

I absolutely love the idea of a pond in my front yard, like the one above from But I worry that this sort of thing might be a lot of maintenance for one person to handle. Not to mention safety issues with the neighborhood children. But a pond would be a perfect idea for in the back yard.


I am thinking instead of making a succulent dish. Or put in pavers with succulents in between.  I believe this would require some time up front, then very little maintenance after that. I found this absolutely beautiful succulent idea above from an amazing blog called Growing With Plants. I am not sure if my lack of green thumb can keep up with this guy, but check out his blog because he appears to make miracles come true with all sorts of Stunning plants and flowers.

Do any of you have ideas for low-maintenance yards? I mean Very Low Maintenance ;) I would love to hear your ideas!

Decorating Tips

Decorative trays are a good choice for adding an instant splash of beauty to your home.
They are available in glass, metal, ceramic and even the fragrant sandalwood. You can pick up trays almost anywhere, from thrift stores to department stores. I have also seen great selections and prices at stores like Ross. There are many tutorials that show how to make your own tray from assorted objects around your home from picture frames to doors – like this beautiful piece made out of on old cupboard door from Crafty Nest. This is a perfect tray for jewelry on your dresser or even serving tea!


Placed at various spots, these trays will look great in any room of your home. Most people use them to serve chocolates, beverages, fruits and meat with cheese.

Designer plates and glasses are also used effectively as home décor options. They are best displayed in side racks or even on dining tables. Most of them showcase them in curio cabinets as well. Different kinds of designer jugs are also available. Many people use mirrors as decorative elements.

Though they are functional necessities in the bedroom and bathroom, they can also be used in other rooms as decorative pieces. Well positioned mirrors can easily elevate the look of the room. Look how this giant mirror can make the entire room seem so much larger from Old Home Makeover. What a great piece for a smaller room to fool the eye!



Many interior designers swear by these as excellent decorative ideas. Three or four mirrors placed strategically will multiply the light-intensity of a single lamp offering a scintillating feel to the room. Candlesticks are also used commonly to decorate homes.

You are sure to gain admirers by using these home décor ideas.

Awesome Side Table

Have you ever seen a fun looking trash can, but thought it looked a little too goofy to use a a trash can? I see these often, at stores like Ikea or even Target during back to school months. Well, I have never once thought about using these for a different purpose!

I just came across this great idea from Hilary at and I am thrilled. I am a simple person, but I like a little bit of funky in each room of my house. This is a fabulous idea – just take the trash can, paint to match your room and flip it upside-down! Cheap, easy and done! Just like that.



I am thinking you could even screw or glue on a nice, round piece of stained wood on top to add a more elegant look. Or cut a small piece of lace fabric and place a round piece of glass on top. What about wrapping some glass beads around some of the wires? There are so many options with this idea!

For more on this great trash side table idea, visit Craft-Your-Home!

Decorative Elements: Vases

Each home is beautified by various home décor accents and decorative elements. There are plenty of choices at your disposal. Vases, rare flowers, exotic fruits, designer trays, plates, jars, candlesticks and even mirrors can be used as decorative elements.

Home accents and decorative elements form vital parts of home décor. The furnishings in your home should complement the home décor to obtain that perfect look. Home décor present in your home speaks volumes of your social status. Hence it is important you invest in good quality ones.

 There are numerous decorative elements for your home. Different types of vases, candles, bookends, trays, figurines, etc can be used to decorate. Some people love to follow a certain theme for decorating while others simply go by personal preference. Whatever be the requirement, you are options are varied. Oil paintings, designer lamps, prints and specific boxes can be made to look appropriate in any room of your home.

Vases are multi-functional. They hold flowers (real or synthetic), nature based arrangements or simply designer ones that hold nothing. Each of these forms an excellent decorative element in your home. Flowers are used for decorating homes since ages. Nowadays with the wide range of synthetic flowers and plants, you can create a beautiful look that is both natural and artificial. Real flowers spread their fragrance to the entire room. Vases made of glass also are present. Usually these are filled with multi-colored marbles, seashells, spices, pebbles or even rearing small fish (large-sized vases). They also offer a very sleek look to your home.



The Bark Vase shown above is from Project Decor. I love how it brings a hint of nature into a home! What an interesting conversation piece.


Choosing a Shower Head

Shower Heads for Your Home Decor

Bathroom shower heads are available in various designs, shapes, colors and add-ons. You should choose one that suits your budget and preference. Some simple ones cost very less while exuberant ones can be expensive.

The type of shower head used in the bathroom can make a big difference to the overall look. People thinking about various ideas for home décor prefer each of their rooms to have the right look and feel. When it comes to the bathroom too, people have their own preferences. Some like the traditional stuff used by their parents. Others would like to add more style, design and color to their shower heads.

I love this wooden look that I found on Interior Designing Blog.


The super modern look isnt normally my style, but I have never seen anything so awesome in a shower before!


Choosing shower heads

There are primarily two types. The most preferred shower head is one that can be held in your hand during bathing. The advantage of hand held showers is that you could focus on any part of your body by directing the water. This could actually save you a lot of water. The next type is the fixed shower. It is generally placed over-head and some innovative designs involve having these showers fixed sideways too. It gives an overall pleasant bathing experience. However more water is used up by these.


Initially the shower heads were available only as rounded objects. Nowadays they are available in various shapes that are basic and complex. The shapes also determine the amount of water that is released. There are some amazing innovations too. For instance LED lighting is used in showers to give a multi-colored effect to the water. Add some music to the set up and you could disco while you bath! Most of the basic shower head items are easy to buy. If you prefer the elaborate ones, then it could cost you more. There are many brands available in the market. You need to shop around to find the shower heads that suit your style and budget. It is difficult to pick the best brand as most of the manufacturers aim at delivering quality products. It is a highly competitive market and no dealer would risk his/her brand value.


The heads for these also come in different shapes. The flat ones are the latest trend at they will make the water fall on you as if you are out in the rain. The force of water can be adjusted. They are usually placed or attached towards the ceiling to create the natural effect. There are plenty of dual headed showers too. Now you can shower with your partner at the same time. The bathroom should be spacious enough to accommodate two individuals for this option.



Outlets hidden under cabinets so they don’t mess up the back splash.

Outlets hidden under cabinets so they don’t mess up the back splash.

OMG, I’ have never thought to just PAINT my washer and dryer. Duh! She has posts about doing the kitchenaid, the fridge…..

OMG, I’ have never thought to just PAINT my washer and dryer. Duh! She has posts about doing the kitchenaid, the fridge…..

cake stand for your sink soaps and scrubs!

cake stand for your sink soaps and scrubs!

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