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A Grass-Less Lawn

There are so many reasons I have begun to think of a lawn without grass.

These days, droughts (and heavy floods!) seem to be common-place. Taking care of a flooded lawn, or paying excess to water one in dry temperatures take a lot of time and effort. Oh, and MONEY! Not to mention the time it takes for mowing, the environmental impacts of fertilizers and gas fumes, the allergies I get when I sit on a freshly cut lawn…and I will mention the cost of water just one more time!

When I first heard of a grass-free lawn a few years ago, my mind automatically went to my grandmothers house years ago. I remember feeling weird at her house because we could never run around and play. The entire lawn area was a bunch of ugly rocks in mixed pink-ish and yellow-ish colors. There were no hedges, flowers, or trees – instead, there were cactus, cow skulls and big pieces of lava rock. My goodness, it was ugly!

If you imagine a lawn with no grass in the same way as I once did, Stop! Get the ugly image out of your head!

Now imagine beautiful flowers, drought-tolerant (money-saving!) plants, butterflies and lots of greenery. This is a much prettier thought, isn’t it?! A grass-less lawn can be a beautiful statement, a nice and relaxing yard to come home to, a peaceful retreat and a place that looks straight out of a movie scene. Sure, a little elbow grease will be needed, but if you are up for a little bit of work to get started, your yard will be the talk of the neighborhood!

When thinking about ways to divide up your space, arrange your different styles of plants, etc., consider using natural elements as a divider of sorts. The beautiful stones shown above really add dimension and character to the space!

Adding little pathways can be a fun way for guests (and you!) to enjoy your garden. If my grandmother had had a yard like this one above when I was a child, I am sure we would have had a lot more play time outside! This yard is absolutely beautiful – I can imagine the relaxing feeling you could have sitting outside. The view is much better than a standard green lawn – and I am sure all little critters like hummingbirds and butterflies would love to visit!