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Handling Clogged Shower Drain Problems

Blocked drains are one of the most common problems you will come across as a homeowner. Clogged drains are brought about by damaged drain pipes, improper use of the drains, and dumping of the wrong materials in the drains. If the clog is minor you can get rid of it on your own but if it’s large, you should hire a drain contractor to help you out.

Tools to unclog your drains

There are many types of tools you can use to unclog your drains. The most common being:

Plunger: A plunger is made up of a rubber cup with a long handle. It relies on water pressure to get rid of the clog. The cool thing is that you can use it unclog bathtub, kitchen, bathroom, and even toilet drains. For you to achieve ideal results you should use the right plunger for the right job. There are two main types of plungers in the market you can go for: Cup and flange plunger. The cup type is the most common and is ideal for use to unclog bathtubs, showers, and sinks. The flange type features an extended rubber lip and is ideal for use in unclogging the toilet.

When using the tool always ensure that you get a tight seal after which you should plunge in the vertical up-and-down action. Clogged drain opening professionals advice against tilting the angle of the plunger as doing so results to improper force and the created seal tends to get loose.

Plumber’s snake: Also known as the cable auger, the plumber’s snake is a slender, flexible auger that you use to easily get rid of clogs. To use the tool you need to lower it into your drain and feed into the drain pipes until you reach the blockage. Once you reach the blocking material, you should twist the snake to break down the material into small pieces. To make the work easy, there are electric plumber snakes that have a motor and function at high speeds. These are ideal for stubborn clogs or when you want to get rid of a clog as fast as possible.

Jet/vac services: If you don’t have an electric snake and you want to get rid of a stubborn clog you should use jet services. Here the sewer and drain cleaning professionals use high-pressure water to get rid of the clog.


This is what you need to know about clogged drains. Prevention is always said to be better than cure; therefore, you should work at ensuring that the clogs don’t happen in the first place. You can do this by regularly inspecting the drains and keeping harmful materials from getting in there.