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How To Choose The Right Type Of Roofing Shingles

When you’re thinking of  reroofing your home or business, roofing shingles are most likely going to be the first thing you think of. If you’re unfamiliar with roofing material, you might have several questions concerning you. Questions like how much will it cost? What type should I use? How long will they last?

Determining the kind of shingles that are right for you roof can be one of the most difficult and important decisions you can make about your home. In this article, you will get a few pointers about how to get started on the right track.

First, do some research and find out what kind of roofing shingles will be best for your home. A great place to start is right here at in our Roof Education Center or our Virtual Roof. You will find a wealth of knowledge in these two places.  Not only will you get unbiased info, but you will also find plenty if in-depth information on roofing manufacturers, roofing distributors and roofing contractors.  If you are searching elsewhere, make sure you are getting the best, most objective information. You should be looking for quality, cost, ease of installation, and lifespan. Make sure the shingles you pick out are practical, reliable, and at a price that you can afford.

Next, look at what roofing system your house has already to help guide you in the right direction. For example, if you live a historic house or a house with an old-fashioned feel, you probably don’t want to install roofing shingles that look very modern. Not only will this ruin the great historic look of your home, but it may not be best for your house’s resale value.  Another area to consider is structural support of you roof trusses. If you currently have shingles on your roof and want to replace it with concrete tile, your trusses may not be able to support the extra weight.  You will have to check with a structural engineer.  Then there is price. If your house has wood shingles, you may find that purchasing new wood shingles is very expensive. Look into  asphalt shingles, which are cheaper and can be made to look exactly like wood.

Finally, consult with several roofing professionals as well as neighbors and friends. Unless you’ve had experience purchasing and installing roofing shingles in the past, you are probably going to be a little overwhelmed. There is much more to consider than just price and practicality.