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How To Sublet An Apartment

Subletting is when a tenant finds another tenant to live in their apartment until the tenant’s lease is up. Subletting allows those who are stuck in a rental agreement to move without facing any legal repercussions. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when subletting your apartment or home. Subletting and sharing a rented space with a roommate is not the same thing.

  • Learn About The Law. There are different rules and regulations when it comes to subletting that vary from state to state. You should learn about what the law says about subletting in your state. You also should get permission from your landlord before you start looking into any information about subletting.
  • Talk To Your Landlord. Before you sublet your apartment you need to get permission from the landlord in writing. Payment arrangements and all paperwork should be done with the landlord before you begin looking for a tenant to sublet to.
  • Get The Word Out. It pays to advertise, regardless of what you are doing. If people are not aware you are subletting, you will not get much of a response. Get out there and put up fliers at local stores or choose to take out a newspaper ad. When you advertise about your space up to sublet, be sure to do it in neighborhoods in which you feel comfortable with the people. You never know who you might end up subletting to if you advertise to the wrong kind of people.
  • Do A Background Check. Check into the background of the person you are considering subletting your home or apartment to. While a person may seem very reliable in person, they might have a track record of irresponsibility. You should legally obtain a copy of their credit report, criminal background check, as well as a few of their personal references. If you plan on letting someone live in your space, you should know something about them.
  • Consider What Kind Of Rent Payments You Will Accept. It is also easiest to accept credit cards only for rent. Not only will you know for a fact that the funds will be there, it is one of the most secure methods to transfer funds. Using this method of payment also removes the hassle of hunting the person you sublet to down every time the rent is due. Accepting only credit cards payments also saves time. Instead of waiting for bank transfers to process, you could be enjoying your funds.
  • Make An Agreement. Write a legally binding document that should be signed by you and the person you are subletting to that states all of the terms of the agreement. Include information like how much the rent amount will be in the document. You can even include a cosigner in the agreement to ensure that if the person you are subletting to does not pay the rent, there will be a responsible second party. Consult an attorney to ensure that the document you create is legal.