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 The Beginners Guide To Home Tools

A person who chooses carpentry as his hobby requires certain basic home tools in his kit. The boring tools are the most important since the wooden parts have to be fastened to each other using nails and screws to get the finished product.

What tools would you need?

The bradawl and the gimlet can help in making starting holes in wood, ply or hard board for nailing and screwing the parts respectively. Hand drills of ordinary type are available in the market with various sizes of twist drills in the package and are used for drilling holes in softwood while the breast drill are required for drilling holes in the hard wooden planks.

The amateur carpenter has to press hard with the flattened end against his chest to create more pressure. He should take care not to bend or break the twist drill during the operation. Drill bits are packed with the hand drills during purchase. The Archimedean drill is useful for light drilling jobs on ply and the carpenter’s brace is used for drilling larger diameter holes in solid wood using auger bits.

The twist drill bits should not be used with the carpenter’s brace since they jam and burn during misuse. For drilling larger holes in hardwood, the power drill with reduction gear drive is put to use. The carpenter can make a countersink finish of the start of a hole drilled to enable a countersunk head screw to be screwed flush with the surface of the solid wood.

Types of tools

The amateur carpenter can have as basic home tools, a set of twist drill bits made of High Speed Steel which are durable. They are marketed in two sizes:

  1. Special tipped drills used for drilling walls to insert rawl plugs and
  2. Point tipped drill bits for drilling fine and light holes using the Archimedean drill. Augers which are used for drilling solid wood, find their place in the amateur’s kit.

The amateur carpenter can purchase a hole saw for cutting larger circles in a thin wood and can be clamped to a twist drill that functions as a starter and the tip of the drill bit is placed at the hole center. The carpenter can use screw driver bits on a hand drill or better the carpenter’s brace for screwing jobs. The screw driver bit should never be used as a boring tool.

The screw driver contributes a major part in basic home tools and is available in different sizes.

The cabinet type used for larger wood screws, the pump action ratchet type screw driver for working a lot of screws and only precaution to be taken by an amateur carpenter is to prevent it from slipping or else his fingers may get trapped with the slide. Philips screw driver has a reversible bit and is a general purpose screw driver useful for less accessible screws. All these implements are available with flattened handles.

Hammers are a must at home and there are many varieties. The claw hammer is useful for nailing and withdrawing jobs. The Warrington hammer and the mechanic’s hammer are used in metal working. The sledge hammer is comfortable for heavy duty work.