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Things To Ponder When you Buy a House 

A person interested in buying a house should do lot of planning and should not show hurry in finishing the deal. Priority should be given to the location of the proposed house. You have to go in person and inspect the place to his own satisfaction.

It is very important to spend a valuable time in studying the neighborhood, people visiting the shopping centers, and it’s never a bad idea to meet some local people and their culture. Buying a house built on a new layout may require the owner to pay extra to the municipality for laying metal roads for commutation.

The roads adjacent to the house should have proper street lighting. The landed property must have the facility to draw underground water so that there will be no future problems of water shortage.

The building should have connections for potable water for drinking and cooking purpose. The house should be situated in an area with convenient public transport and also near any railway station. Market, schools for children, hospitals and playgrounds for youngsters should be in the vicinity.

A golf course at a walking distance from the house is an added advantage. If the location of the house is such that a five minute drive leads to the beach, what more can the house owner expect? You are entitled to breathe free and fresh ozone during early morning jogs on the beach sands. You can expect to buy freshly caught fish and prawns from the mid seas.


The house should have strong foundation of RCC and the walls made of bricks which keep the rooms cool during summer. The inside walls of the house should have been painted or decorated by wallpapers. The ceiling should be covered with exquisite tiles for preventing the radiated heat from the terrace. The house should be surrounded by lawns and have a good drainage system without any damp course.

Garden and Backyard

A vegetable garden on the backyard with fresh green leafy vegetables, carrot and tomato plants is a boon to the indwellers of the house. Flower beds bordering the lawns add aesthetic beauty to the elevation of the building.

The presence of orange trees in the surrounding gardens maintains freshness of air filled with rich smell. It should have space for car parking large enough to contain the house owner’s car. It should have a wooden deck in the backyard for entertaining the guests and friends.


While buying a house, the person should check whether the rooms of the building are spacious and have good cross ventilation. The dining room should be separated from the kitchen which accommodates kitchen appliances comfortably. The gas and electric meters should be fixed in such a way that the monthly reading on the meters can be recorded from outside the house.

The house should be provided with a centrally heating facility using green technology. The wood work in the house should be of high quality without being affected by wood worms and other pests. The house must be fitted with driveway alarms to alert the house owner in case of misadventures by thieves.